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Are You “Digging” Your Home?

If you are planning to do any major digging at your property keep reading! With all of the hype about natural gas pipeline disasters here is some helpful information available to help keep you safe:

• If planning to dig on your property dial 811 on your phone at least 2 working days in advance of doing the work. This is the Underground Service Alert system that provides a free service for marking underground utilities prior to digging
• If you would like to know the locations of all gas transmission pipelines (and some other utilities) that may run through your property visit the following websites: and These sites have maps showing where the lines run throughout California
• If you ever smell a sulfur-like odor (rotten eggs) move to a safe location and call 911 or PG & E at 800.743.5000. Other signs to watch for include dirt spraying into air, bubbling in a pond or creek and dead or dying vegetation in an otherwise moist area. Listed for hissing, whistling or roaring sounds coming from underground also.
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