We are always looking to discuss the benefits of Next Generation Real Estate Services with highly ethical agents who are motivated, self-sufficient and want to work with other like-minded real estate professionals.

As most agents know, real estate brokerages vary, as do agents.  From training and education, to floor time and lead generation techniques, each brokerage has a varied value proposition for its agents (and recruits).  Next Generation is a forward-thinking company that prides itself on providing value to the agent in terms of time and technology.

Through its unique marketing platform, our company allows our agents more time to focus on the vital tasks necessary to provide superior marketing and customer service to their clients while being able to work with more clients at the same time.  We provide unsurpassed technological support to our agents, bringing even the non tech-savvy agent to the forefront of technology with no time or effort of the agent.

From up-to-date personalized listing and buyer presentations to a personalized suite of agent stationary, our agents are armed with the tools necessary to quickly adapt and get up-and-running in their new environment.

We utilize Relay Transaction Management with each escrow…providing a smooth interface between agents, escrow, the client and service providers.  Features include easy document access (from anywhere in the world), document up/download or email and more!

Our goal is to keep our agents doing what they do best…interacting and building relationships with clients.


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